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A few testimonials showing that working with Custom Website Design Atlanta can bring great results.

"My name is Jonathan Schaefer, and I am the Director/Owner of FootHolde Soccer Camps. I have recently hired Custom Website Design Atlanta to design my website at I am fortunate to have hired the right company for the job, as CWDA has over-delivered in more than one way. I can honestly say that I have never been more satisfied by any work that I have hired to improve my company.


CWDA has shown in their work state-of-the-art and efficient design work. Not only is the design of the site aesthetically pleasing, but it is also efficient for search engine purposes – both artistic and functional.


CWDA also worked with all my deadlines, promptly finishing my site from start to finish in less than 2 weeks. In addition, CWDA communicated with me and made sure that my site was continually made to my liking. I have worked with other web designers in the past. CWDA's knowledge and experience, along with customer service and communication skills have shown that their work is fitting for any company looking to improve their information systems and website communications.


I would recommend Custom Website Design Atlanta to anyone looking to improve the efficiency and design of their website."


Jonathan Schaefer, Director/Owner, FootHolde Soccer Camps

CWDA Services: Website Design/Website Development, Search Engine Optimization

"Custom Website Design Atlanta showed the utmost dedication in meeting my requirements.  The developers are extremely thorough and made sure that the CSS designed site passed W3C with flying colors.  They also made sure that the dropdowns and overall look and feel was maintained through all known popular browsers.  They also made sure to maintain my original front end design all the way through. 


I would use CWDA again for any future projects that I may need accomplished."


Erik Brown

CWDA Services: Website Development


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