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Blog Design & Blog Development

Blogs are fast becoming one of the preferred methods to gain search engine ranking and build consumer recognition. Blogs are an easy way for a business or individual to have their own website without much technical knowledge.


What Is A Blog?

Simply put a blog is a simplified content management system that allows easy publishing of information in reverse chronological order.


Custom Blog Design

Custom Website Design Atlanta specializes in custom blog designs. We prefer and recommend WordPress as the platform for the blog. WordPress is well known and a lot of support is available if the need arises. We are able to work with other blog platforms when the need arises but find WordPress to be the best solution.


Our blog designs are unique, appealing, and can be made to suit your individual taste or company image. If you already have a website we can design the blog so that it closely matches or resembles your current website design and looks as if it were a natural extension to your business. A truly great blog design gives both what the user wants, and what you need, your users to write content.


Blog Development

If you already have a website design we can turn your design into a blog. Our web developers are able to code the blogs backend into your design.


What Do You Get?

A Unique Blog Design

Created to meet your individual tastes or company image and easy usability for your customers.


Hand Coded Blog Development

Our code is semantic, table-less code, optimized for the search engines.



Free installation of the blogging platform if needed.


Blog Advantages

Search Engine Ranking

Search engines gravitate toward blogs because the content is typically updated daily and is unique. When a blog is popular, alot of new unique content is created on a particular subject. This makes the website look like an authority for that topic.


Customer Retention

Customers tend to follow the blogs of their favorite companies. A blog keeps a customer's interest in the company and because of this customer retention is high.


Sales Generation

Good comments about the company or a product lead to more potential customers buying a product or service from your company.


Company Transparency

A blog is a good way to let the public see what your company is all about. This is a good way to build customer loyalty and trust.

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