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eCommerce Design & Development

Ecommerce is simply buying and selling products or services through the Internet.


Whether you are starting an eCommerce website from scratch or want a redesign, Custom Website Design Atlanta's goal is to provide you with a professional, affordable, easy to use store.


With a properly designed and developed eCommerce website there is no limit to what can be achieved selling your products or services online.


There are many solutions that can be implemented that will allow you to start selling online. An eCommerce store can be as simple as PayPal buttons or as extravagant as a full blown eCommerce website with a shopping cart and the ability to accept credit cards. What ever solution you require CWDA can get you online and selling quickly and affordably.


Our Custom eCommerce Website Features

  • 1 Page Checkout
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Add Products Easily
  • Unlimited Products and Categories
  • Professional Custom Design
  • Product Search
  • Shipping
  • Promotion and Discount Codes

Why eCommerce, Why Not?

An eCommerce website can help your business in many ways. Lower costs and increased sales are the main advantages to an ecommerce website.


Transaction Costs

An online eCommerce website can significantly lower the cost of an order. Almost every part of the transaction is automated so there is not a need for as many employees.


Purchases Per Transaction

A typical person who shops online usually purchases more items in one transaction than if they were buying in a regular store.


Larger Catalogs

An eCommerce site can fit almost an unlimited amount of products. On the other hand, a paper catalog can only fit a limited amount of products.


Automated Customer Interactions

Automated eCommerce stores can easily send out order comfirmation emails and order has shipped emails. All at no cost.


eCommerce Basics

To have a functioning eCommerce website you need some basic components.


A Product

Self explanatory. You need something to sell whether it's a product or service.


A Website

The website displays the product or service and is the vehicle for the transaction to take place. This can be your own website or an outside website like Ebay.


A Way To Accept Orders

Some sort of form is necessary to accept the orders from the website. This could be a shopping cart or a simple form the customer fills out.


A Way To Accept Payment

The use of a merchant account will allow credit card transactions. This requires a secure ordering page and a connection to a bank. More traditional billing can also be used such as invoicing through the mail.


A Way To Ship And Fulfill The Order

A place to ship products from. This is outsourceable but shipping can occur from your home or if the product is digital through the Internet.


A Way To Accept Returns

You need a way for customers to be able to return products.

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