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Link Building

Link building is perhaps the least understood part of SEO. In general, the more links that point to your page, the better your page will rank.


Search engines consider a link from another website to your website as a popularity vote. The more sites which link to yours, the better; as this shows your site is relevant to the given topic.


Link building has been abused in the past. We encourage careful and responsible link building with sites that are related to yours or through appropriate directories and article banks. If a link to your site is placed on a page having very little importance, that is the page itself is linked to only a few other pages or none, this kind of link will not improve a page's popularity. The links to your pages should be subject-relevant because theme-based search engines will check the content between referring and referred pages.


Link Building Strategies

Social Media Sites

The quickest way to build links is to get a lot of attention from a social media site like Digg, Delicious, or Facebook.


Blog Posting

Posting comments on a relevant blog has the potential to bring a lot of traffic to your site.



A site like Ezine Articles is an excellent way to create exposure to your website content. Having a link to your content displayed on hundreds of web pages drives direct traffic, and can lead to your content being referenced in other posts and articles that pass on link authority.


Link Exchange Requests

This technique involves emailing a website's owner and requesting a link to your website. A link to their website is then placed on your site.


Directory Submissions

Submitting your website to relevant directories can get you many quality links.


While certain search engine marketing techniques may weigh better than others based on your industry and level of competition, there is no questioning the power of links.

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