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Article marketing involves submitting short articles to directories with permission for others to republish your work on their blog, website or in their email newsletter. In return, you get one or more links back to your website.


Writing articles that closely match the topic of your site, and including a link back to relevant content within your site, can help out not only with search engine rankings, but extra traffic for your site.


The Parts That Make It Whole


This is what grabs the readers attention. The title should be short and sweet. Let the reader know what the article offers them is 3 or 4 words if possible.



Articles are use on other websites and blogs so the important information should be at the top. The paragraphs and sentences should be short. Subheadings are also important. The word count should be between 250 and 500.


Resource Box

This is where the link to your website goes. It should contain your name, the URL, and your call to action.


What We Do

Creative and Original

The articles CWDA writes are creative and original


Search Engine Optimized

Professionally written and search engine optimized



We distrubute our articles so they reach a large number of directories resulting in a large number of back links.


A well written and focused article informs people about your services and products and also convinces them to visit your website. CWDA offers an article marketing service that leaves you happy with the results.

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